Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mini Digital Camera

Over lunch today, I stopped by Walgreen's to pick up a bubble mailer and bought this little tiny digital camera (mine's pink, but couldn't readily find a pink image). It's unbelievably small and lightweight. It really is a key chain.

I purchased it mainly for the cute factor and the fact that it was $10. I didn't have high expectations with regard to picture quality, but figured that it would do for quick shots and I'd rather lose (or break) this by toting it around in my bag than my "real" digital camera.

Software installation was quick and easy. After taking a couple test shots, photo upload was a breeze. As you'll see below, picture quality is ok, not great.

In this pic, the color is distorted. I don't know why -- guessing lighting issues. It's taken in my office on a white desk. The objects are little shoe-shaped erasers in bold colors. I LOVE these erasers. My sister gave hundreds of them to me for Christmas last year, so all girls I know and/or swap with ends up with shoe erasers. They are so cute!

This is an extreme close-up of some french-beaded flowers that sit on my office desk. The color is accurate and the detail is pretty good. This also gives me the opportunity to rave about french-beaded flowers. I have no idea how I became hooked on them, but I love them. I only buy vintage ones -- preferably made in France and in a china setting -- but do wish to learn how to do this beading at some point in my life. I've also been extremely fortunate over the past year with craft swap partners. One two different occasions, I've received beaded flowers/gifts in swap packages because they noted my interests.

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