Friday, May 1, 2009

Every Day in May

French Toast Girl ( is hosting "Every Day in May" again this year and I'm thinking it may help me focus on getting stuff done.

The concept is to commit to creating something every day this month. On my end, I'm going to focus on three activities -- blogging, knitting and embroidery. I figure that, between the three categories, I will be inspired to do at least one of the three every day.

Of the three, blogging continues to be the most challenging. I'm still working out whether blogging is something that's helpful to me or weighs me down. Since I love reading so many other blogs (and reading in general) and have "write a novel" down on my all-time dream list of accomplishments, I think that mastering a blog is a reasonable goal/first step to the ultimate. The two main issues are that 1) I'll not think of writing anything down until I'm already away from the computer and/or 2) I am horrible at documenting activities by taking pictures. For some reason, I have never been fascinated by photography as a hobby. As a result, I'd always surround myself with people who do like to take pictures and are willing to send me copies (or links to digital photos these days).

Knitting and embroidery are much easier challenges. I can't bear to watch TV without something in my hands, so these are both activities that are perfect. The only issue with both past-times is that I get serious cases of startitus. I love starting new projects and end up finishing a lot of them; however, I also end up with numerous UFOs lying around the house. I'll need to monitor myself to insure that the month of May does not end with 31 UFOs. That would be quite a sight!

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Glenda said...

I like the idea of committing to creating something every day for a month. I'm going to mull over what I want to focus on, then I'll post about it on my blog. Thanks for sharing the idea!

Good luck with achieving your "creating something" goals for this month :)