Monday, September 15, 2008

Art deco tree of swirls

I embroidered this art deco tree onto a corner of a pillow top and am very pleased with the way the swirls with their different textures and colors represent leaves. This was the first design placed on a pillow top that is now sweeping the nation in a tea towel/pillow top swap. Sadly, the tree doesn't get to come back to me. After 5 more designs are added to the pillow top, the tree is traveling to California.

I must take some pics of some of my knitted projects soon or else this entire blog is going to be of embroidery! I usually knit a few rows on something every night, but am less likely to take a picture because the finished products (scarves, dishcloths, pillows, etc) don't seem as special or time-intensive as my embroidery projects. Right now, I can think of at least 2 dishcloths and a pretty ribbon scarf that were completed at the same time as the tea towels.

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