Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boston Red Sox Pincushion

I'm not much of a baseball fan (I attend the obligatory Chicago Cubs game each year when offered a ticket by friends or associated with work), but I recently had a need to make something that had to do with the Boston Red Sox. After investigating their logo (red sock!) and colors, plus finding a fairly clear picture of said logo, I decided that it would be possible to turn the logo into a pincushion. I bet there aren't too many pincushions available at Red Sox home games!
I used what was labeled as craft floss for the yarn/thread (thicker than embroidery floss and very easy to use - doesn't get tangled or knotted) and fairly small gauge plastic canvas. On the sides and back, I created a geometric design of cross and half cross stitches. After putting the pieces together and stuffing with regular pillow stuffing, the pincushion is very sturdy and should hold up to many years of service.
This project highlights my mild fascination with plastic canvas. I love all of the crazy things people decide to make with plastic canvas and find myself turning to it to make items like boxes, bookmarks, coasters, and knitting needle or chopstick holders. One of my favorite plastic canvas finds is a portable wine carrier, so you can carry a bottle of wine to your next dinner party in a nifty plastic canvas holder. Genius!

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