Friday, September 5, 2008

Kawaii Robots

Last night, I completed the final step in my first polymer clay project -- baking the little robots. I've always admired the miniatures others make from polymer clay, but didn't think I'd add this craft to my list of crafts. I changed my mind when I was presented with a problem -- the need to make something using robots with limited options around the type of finished project that was desired.

In the end, the experiment went very well. I was surprised at how easy it was to manipulate the clay. Since robots are just squares and circles, I didn't have any difficulties forming their little bodies. A quick scan through the polymer clay section on craftster gave me pointers on securing the hooks to their heads so that the hooks don't fall out after baking. The little guys are lightweight and I don't think they'll be annoying on a bracelet.

I'm pleased. I don't believe this will be something I use often; however, it is a nice, quick project that produces very cute results.

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