Friday, September 12, 2008

Rosemary Tea Towel - third in a series of seven

This is the Rosemary tea towel. I had a potted rosemary plant for a Christmas tree last winter, so can vouch for the leaf design. Sadly, the plant didn't live long enough for me to see it blossom -- I'm not a very good plant owner. In this picture, the pot looks kind of wonky. I think there must have been a wrinkle in the cloth when I took the picture. I promise that my straight lines aren't that crooked!

I hope to post the rest of the tea towels pictures as soon as I figure out a mysterious glitch with my picture uploads. For some reason, some of my horizontal pics are uploading vertically, so the images are standing on their side. I don't think I could be comfortable with the entry if the pictures weren't upright.

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