Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keychain and knitting needle holder

Although the two items are color-coordinated, I can't imagine a time when both would be used simultaneously. Here are two quick plastic canvas projects. The keychain is based on a pattern I found in a plastic canvas pattern book from the '70s that I picked up in a garage sale in northern Minnesota this summer. The book has a lot of projects that are so '70s and so tempting. If I had the time, I'd probably end up making quite a few of them.

The knitting needle holder is not from a design . . . just something I came up with using some different bargello stitches. The light colored thread is silver, not white. I wish it showed up better in the picture because it really pops in person.

Both items are going into a "magic yarn ball". I love this concept. Little trinkets are wrapped into a skein of yarn, making a large ball of yarn. As the recipient unrolls the yarn, little goodies are throughout the ball. I've also seen this done with crepe paper as a party favor.

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